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Upcoming Fundraisers

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Coco Brooks

Beary Beary Honey for Christmas

Growing Smiles Spring Flowers

senator patrick burns fundraiser
senator patrick burns fundraiser
skip the depot

Skip-the-Depot Recycling Program

If you have any bottle recycling you would like to donate, Skip the Depot will pick it up from your house and credit our SPB account. Family and friends are also welcome to participate.

Create and account & book a time for pick up.


When asked if you want to donate to a charity, type in Senator Patrick Burns and continue to label the bags with your personal code (will show up with your confirmation) OR label your bags with the with the SPB Customer ID: RP56.

Be sure to write your code or the SPB code on your bag(s) with a marker or use masking tape so it is easy to read.

Free biodegradable SkipTheDepot bags will be dropped off after your first pickup. Use them for your next pickup!

Please put your recycling containers in large garbage bags if you do not have any SkipTheDepot bags. The bigger, the better!

Boxes will be accepted but they encourage you to transfer them into bags.

If you leave them in boxes please use 50 containers = 1 bag.

There is no maximum on how many bags they will pick up.

Please save up at least 150 containers or more before booking (1-2 full bags, depending on size of bag).

If you don't live on the ground floor, please make sure the bags are at ground level when the driver arrives.

If you're going to leave your bags outside unattended, make sure they are not visible to walking traffic.

You can use the directions field when booking your pickup to let the driver know where to look.

They cannot enter private residences.

On the day of your pickup, please have your phone ready as the driver might call for clarification of directions.

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Education Matters

A voluntary Cheque Writing Campaign through the CBE endorsed Education Matters website. Money collected is paid directly to the school and is directed to where it will be most beneficial, unless a specific fundraising campaign is stated or the donor identifies a specific use. 

 Tax receipts are available for donations $20 and over. Any donation amount is gladly accepted and appreciated.

Or scan this QR code to go directly to the Senator Patrick Burns donation page.

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