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senator patrick burns casino 2023

This is our NUMBER 1 fundraiser

We only hold a Casino Event every 2 Years.

Our next casino will be December 17 & 18, 2023!

Make it a 'Date Night' Opportunity!

Parents of Senator Patrick Burns we need you!

It's easy. Don't worry.

If you have never volunteered for a casino before rest assured you will receive a quick training session for your volunteer position - and -  there will lots of people around to help you out!

In the past our casinos have paid out between 
$60,000 & $70,000 per event!

We will need 20 volunteers each day to fulfill our necessary volunteer shifts.
There are a variety of different shifts and each shift is just as important as the next!


In the past, our Casinos have paid out between $60,000 - $70,000 per event.

This means parents from previous years have worked to ensure that the students past, current

and future have wonderful “perks” from their volunteer work! 

Things that Parent Council have been able to provide our school in the past from Casinos are:

The Courtyard Project

Wrestling Mats

Foods Lab Equipment

Soccer & Volleyball Team Jerseys

Boreal Digital Microscope

Lab Equipment & Lab Coats

Cameras for Photography Lab

Art Kiln

Musical Instruments

Spanish Print Resources

Artist in Residencies – including not limited to: Slam Poetry, Dance, Movement

WIFI Wireless Network

New Computers, Laptops , iPads, Chromebooks & Chromebook charging/storage carts

Learning Commons Revitalization Project

Bike Repair Program Equipment

Camping Gear for New Outdoor Education Initiative

2 - 3D Printers

T-Shirts Press & Vinyl Cutter

Laptop Cart

If you have any questions, email us

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